From the beginning....

Athena Hellenic Schools began at the River Park field house in 1973 when a young, idealistic teacher who recently arrived from Greece embarked on an odyssey that would one day rival Ulysses's. With nine students and self-financed with his earnings as a Chicago Public Schools teacher, one of the few independent Greek schools developed into the longest continuously serving Greek school in Chicago. From the buxom of Lawrence Avenue's 20th century Greek community, Athena Schools first relocated to a permanent facility of its own on Peterson Avenue, where many Greeks were moving to at the time. As the century waned, yet another en masse resettlement of the Diaspora headed out to the suburbs and so went Athena Schools. Athena Schools first relocated to Park Ridge and ​Dès Plaines before acquiring a facility in Morton Grove that had previously hosted another Greek school. In 2014, after a deceased-long intermission, Athena Schools re-opened its day school to accommodate parents' requests and to fill a critical need in the Diaspora so that ​the heritage of millennia might not be lost to future generations. In its 42nd year, Athena Schools significantly increased enrollment, hired new teachers to meet the needs of the expanded student body, and inaugurated a musical education ​program.​

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